YEAH BOIJ – You’re In My Hut Now

HipHopHuis presented Yeah Boij; a series of pop-up workshops in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen‘s Art Studio, with my installation You’re In My Hut Now at its heart.

Each Sunday in September and October, various artists (Lastplak, Bad Boyz, Venour, Baschz Leeft, Lucky Dubz, Boxhead and Leyp) facilitated free workshops for young street art enthusiasts.

You’re In My Hut Now is a reference to the Jungle Brothers‘ 1988 song I’ll House You and the temporary takeover of the The Boijmans Hut sculpture in the Boijmans Art Studio. During each workshop new things were made and added to the installation.

Below the installation before all the workshops. Apart from the exhibition poster, a nice clean canvas to work on. It was made out of cardboard and wheat pasted concrete texture posters, with the help of Leela. Scroll down to see a summary of what was added and the end result.

Fun fact: The installation also spelled out my name, like a three dimensional graffiti piece.

S-C-H-Z L-E-E-F-T !-!
The installation before all the workshops ..
And what the installation looked like after all the workshops.
Tagging workshop with the Bad Boyz crew.
Some of the paper craft characters that were made during Boxhead‘s workshop.
Some sneaker pimping paste-ups. A workshop given by Leyp.
And the Flippin’ da Scale workshop by myself. By creating and adding miniature scenery to the 3D letter sculpture we re-imagined its scale and made it into one big Tetrislike city. Meanwhile increasing the relative size of earlier workshop’s add-ons.