KWF Dutch Cancer Society – Installations

I have built various installations for KWF Kankerbestrijding, the Dutch Cancer Society. With them KWF presents itself in shopping areas and at festivals. The installations are there as an eye-catcher at first and a conversation starter when interacted with.

KWF Insmeerbar / Smear Bar

To protect people at festivals and other places where crowds gather, KWF provides everybody with free sunscreen and information. They do this from the one of five Insmeerbar tents (literally “Smear Bar”) I drew the graphics and built the foldable Velcro bars for.

Photo credit (as well as this post’s featured photo): Rien de Jager
Several photos found on social media

KWF Wensput / Wishing Well

The wishing wells collapses into a small wheeled carts, containing metal and wooden parts and two (one Velcroed) banners, that’s small enough to single-handedly take with you on the train. People were approached by charity workers with big coins on which they write a wish and toss into the well. I’ve built two of these.

KWF Sapfiets / Juice Bike

If you want a healthy fruit shake, you will have to work for it! When the big red button is pushed power is cut off to the outlet the blender is plugged in. You have to cycle, see the LED light meter fill up, and when full, the outlet is live again, so you can make yourself a well deserved shake.

KWF Appelkar / Apple Cart

The Appelkar was used to hand out free apples, while informing people about a good diet in relation to cancer.