Je Krijgt Wat Je Geeft – GIF Animations

Set of three animated GIF political cartoons for Je Krijgt Wat Je Geeft (You Get What You Give).

The party leader loops can be used next to each other, like they present themselves as a cabinet or loose, because the cabinet was about to fall apart. The images are loaded with references to the political situation at the time, something which I will not bore you with too much right now. Just enjoy the animations.

Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV, with their logo’s seagull, a security guard reading him his messages and some other nods to the fact that the cabinet was about to dissolve.
Minister President Mark Rutte of the VVD, famously shrugging off and smiling everything away, who at the time was pleaded to by Bill Gates to not cut on development aid.
Maxime Verhagen, Christian party leader, who was also known as the Twitter Minister, seen here scrolling through and reading negative tweets (or is it praying).