SingerSweatShop – Cultural Hot Spot In The Centre Of Rotterdam

From 2006 till 2015 the SingerSweatShop was a cultural hot spot in the centre of Rotterdam where young artists from various fields had their studios and organised exhibitions, events, workshops, parties, high teas, film nights and promote gezelligheid of the highest level!

Situated in the old Singer building, the first building to be erect on the Hoogstraat after the German bombardment in 1940, it laid in the middle of the centre of Rotterdam, close to the Willem de Koning Art Academy and many of the citys famous architectural structures such as the Cube Houses and Willems Bridge.

Together with Michiel Jansen, and many others along the way, I built and set up, lived and worked in the SingerSweatShop and coined its name.

Pictures by Aad Hoogendoorn.

Still have to add loooads of pictures and all the names of people who have exhibited and organised other events at the sweatshop. Bear with me ..

People who have had their studio in the SingerSweatShop

Michiel Jansen, Baschz Leeft, Mathilde Karrer, Augusta Wind, Petra van Noort, Studio Spass, Lorelinde Verhees, Rubén Dario Kleimeer, Saskia Haex, Gees Voorhees, Kiki Peeters, Jorrit Spoelstra, Timon van der Hijden, Lotte de Vries, Helene Pieren, Frank Djasian, and TicToc.

People and collectives who have exhibited in the SingerSweatShop

Trendbeheer, Lisa Gliederpuppe, Erwin Thomasse, S.P.A.M. van Griensven, Daan Botlek, SWAP, Wilco Lamberts, Martijn Konings, Aad Hoogendoorn, Suzanne Dikker, Erosie, en dan nog een heleboel en iedereen van hierboven ook nog een keer natuurlijk.