GOATHANGER – Logo Sampling Piece

GOATHANGER is the logo sampling lovechild of an old wire coathanger and a pretty iconic image of a jumping man.

It was first thought of and played with as a sketch for an art piece in 2006. Since I didn’t have the tools or materials I needed to make what I had in mind as an end product it got put aside for a while.

The first official GOATHANGER piece available was as a snapback hat in 2015, and now also as a 3D printed wall art piece, in serie with and matching the style of the MF POOL hanger, both with that nostalgic public swimming pool clotheshanger vibe to them. GOATHANGER and MF POOL are available in my webshop on lamballbakra.com.

Toylike lettering on the sides
GOATHANGER and MF POOL hanging out
Mounting holes on the back

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