KAPSALON PIN – Bon Appétit!

Enamel pin celebrating Rotterdam’s most energetic cultural export and everyone’s favorite calorie bomb; the Kapsalon!

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The dish is a beautiful representation of the cultural diversity of the city, as it was invented by a Cape Verdean hairdresser (kapsalon is Dutch for barbershop) and first made by a Turkish kebab shop. Combining French fries, shawarma meat, Dutch Gouda cheese, salad, garlic sauce and Indonesian sambal sauce.

Kapsalon Enamel Pin by Baschz Leeft

This soft enamel pin is approximately 3 x 2 cm, nickel plated, with a round steel clutch. It comes on a double-sided backing card telling the story of the Kapsalon on the back. The pin makes a great gift to snack and fast food lovers and is the perfect Rotterdam souvenir. Even though the dish has already way outgrown its birth city. Since it has been spotted on menus around the world as far as Kathmandu and New York.

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