Electronic Love – Augmented Reality on Vinyl & CD

Electronic Love is the 2010 music album by La Melodia for which I created the visual concept and design. When held in front of a webcam the empty studio on the cover is filled with Melodee and I.N.T., who appear with movement and sound. Within this a QR code also pops up, which in turn can be scanned with your phone. It was the first album cover worldwide to use Augmented Reality in this way.

Video for V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media about the release.

Also, scanning the barcode on the back with the Stickybits app gave you this thank you video.

The records being pressed

First proof of concept AR test

MC Melodee explaining the upcoming AR release in a teaser at the time

All tracks by La Melodia
All tracks written by MC Melodee
All tracks produced by I.N.T.
Except for Friend For Life; produced by $uzi Analogue
Mixed by Yann Boogie and INT in Outerspace, Amsterdam
Mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles
Album art by Baschz Leeft
Augmented Reality by Baschz Leeft and Buro Duplex