Natuurmonumenten – Installations

For Natuurmonumenten I have created several interactive installations they use in the streets for donor collecting.

Lintjesboom / Ribbon Tree

The Lintjesboom is a collapsible fake tree made out of steel frame, covered with styrofoam, PUR foam and cheesecloth, and was then painted. I made two versions of the tree. Below a little making of of the first one.

It serves as an eye-cather and conversation starter for charity workers. People are given green ribbons to write messages and wishes on and then tie them in a bow on the branches of what starts as a barren tree, populating it with more and more leaves and life.

Eef with the welded skeleton we built.
Working on the trunk from my at the time in-between-places anti-squat room/kitchen/studio. Building up the shape with polystyrene and PUR foam and then covering it with cheese cloth and a wood glue/water mix.
The branches are all given thickness with PUR foam and then covered in cheese cloth and a wood glue/water mixture.
Getting there ..
All branches are colour-coded and simply slide into their respective spots.
More indoor building, before painting.
All pieces, ready for transport. Everything is super light and mobile.
The finished naked tree, ready for action. The birdhouse is a lockable housing for an iPad.

Interactive Mobile Magazine

This big mobile page turner has information and interactive games on all of its sides. Deer antlers ring toss, a huge nature pics-showing View-Master, a How Tall Am I Compared To These Animals graphic, a Who’s Foot Prints Are This game and more. It comes apart in light, handleable pieces for transport and the pages changed with the seasons.

Pics coming up ..