My Brother Went/RDM – Miniature Sticker Toy

My Brother Went/RDM is a homemade handmade limited edition miniature sticker toy slash three dimensional sticker book, representing the Rotterdam sticker scene and an existing electricity box in front of my house, in the centre of Rotterdam.

Photo: LukeDaDuke.

It comes with a mini stickersheeeot with many of Rotterdam stickercats on it and a How It’s Made booklet, all packaged in a hand pulled 3 colour screen printed display box with the view at the time from my balcony in the SingerSweatShop on it.

Photo and stickering credit: LukeDaDuke.

The MBW/RDM sticker toy is a reaction to the inescapable history falsification that comes with publishing any (street) art book. There will always be a certain amount of cronyism, intended and unintended. It can just never be all-inclusive.

My piece recognizes this fact and gives you the chance to add any forgotten heroes, including your own stickers, tags and whatnots and claim your place in street art history!

Pinwin‘s piece (and MFMarker and Nepcaps) in the old Lasplak shop on Meent.

Below a video with making of pictures, the accessory street action on the original electricity box and the exhibition opening at cub Off_Corso.

The real life electricity box after the opening ceremony.
Fake bootleg ..